FARMFORTE is an impact oriented company focused on creating innovative solutions to existing problems in the African Agricultural Landscape and transforming them to economic opportunities.


SmallHolder Farmers

Small Holder Farmers are the key to food security in Africa. Not only do they hold large swaths of arable land, they also constitute about 70% of the workforce on the continent. However, they are bedeviled by a myriad of challenges ranging from low yields, Post harvest losses, lack of finance, low mechanization and poor access to markets.


Our model constitutes:

  • Training as well as equipping smallholder farmers with the required input to enhance their production.
  • Connecting them with requisite micro finance as well as provide for them access to basic technological inputs that would simplify their activities.
  • And more importantly, we enter outgrower contracts with them and buy out their produce for onward delivery to targeted market segments.


Storage & Logistics

Food transport.jpg

The most challenging factor facing smallholders farmers in Africa without question is the issue of Post Harvest losses which is a resultant effect of the decrepit state of infrastructure as well as the non existence of storage facilities. Farmers are forced to sell off produce at ridiculously low prices to middlemen in order to avoid Post harvest losses.


Our Solution Constitutes:

  • The use of smart and innovative mapping systems to connect our farmers to real-time on-demand logistics services that would assist in moving their produce from farms to our storage or processing facilities
  • Provision of technological implements that would enhance on-site processing and value addition to farm produce where feasible.
  • The use of reliable alternative modes of transportation as well as harnessing of existing unused distribution capacities to deliver produce from rural areas to markets across the globe.

Access to Markets

Guaranteed market access is the most vital part of the triangle of profitable success for Small Holder Farmers. At FarmForte, we provide reliable access to local and global markets for Small Holder Farmers. We buy up all our Small Holder Farmers produce and add value thereby giving them a guaranteed income and greater potential for profit.


Our Approach Constitutes:

  • Development of world class urban retail produce outlets where our goods would be sold to consumers in a very improved environment.
  • Processing produce into higher value products for onward sale to international markets.
  • Supplying produce to local enterprises for use as commercial raw materials